Anthony Condren


An experienced stunt performer and co-ordinator, Tony Condren brings a multiplicity of unique skills and talent to the table.

A competitive rallycross driver and former national champion in the sport, he went on to hone his stunt driving chops under the legendary Bobby Ore.

Tony’s engineering and welding background means he is able to personally prepare vehicles as well as drive them for the stunt at hand, as is evident in his showreel.

A black belt in kickboxing and Ming Chuan Kung Fu, coupled with training in medieval weaponry and a strong on-screen presence resulted in Tony being cast in the role of “Wolf Head” in the forthcoming feature film “Pilgrimage” -Starring Tom Holland (Spiderman) and Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) and shot on location in Belgium. The movie is tipped to be nominated at the 2017 Taurus World Stunt Awards for its fight scenes.

Tony’s fly rigging designs have featured in numerous films,TV shows and commercials. Recently he designed and fabricated a crane for flying actors on the commercial “Never let go” directed by Gioacchino Petronicce.

As a certified Commercial Scuba Diver and a PADI Divemaster, Tony often co-ordinates sub-aqua scenes.

6’1 – 185cm

242lbs – 110kg

50’ – 128cm

42’ – 107cm

46’ – 117cm

Leg, inside
33’ – 84cm

Arm, inside
21’ – 53cm

11UK – 45EU

18’ – 46cm

23’– 60cm

Hair colour

Eye colour

  • Stunt Co-ordinator
    (FF)   Breakfast on Pluto
    (FF)   X-moor (Asst. Stunt Coordinator/ Performer)
    (FF)   Calvary (Asst. Stunt Coordinator)
    (TV)   Moone Boy (Asst. Stunt Coordinator)
    (TV)   Occupation (Asst. Stunt Coordinator/ Performer)
    (TV)   Foyle’s War (Asst. Stunt Coordinator/ Performer)

    Stunt Performer
    (TV)   Penny Dreadful Season 1, 3
    (FF)   Pilgrimage (Cast, own stunts)
    (TV)   Blandings
    (TV)   Vikings Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    (FF)   Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia
    (FF)   Love Eternal (Water Safety)
    (FF)   King Arthur
    (FF)   Intermission
    (FF)   The General
    (TV)   Ripper Street Season 1
    (TV)   Camelot Season 1
    (TV)   The Tudors Season 3

  • National Champion Grass Track Racing
  • Certified Precision & Stunt Driving Instructor – Bobby Ore
  • Vehicle Preparation / Stunt Rigging for Car Stunts (Rollcages, Ramps)
  • Black Belt Kick Boxing
  • Sword and Shield, Weaponry
  • Underwater Rigging (Full Surface and Underwater Safety Cover)
  • Powerboat License
  • Rigging
  • Falls, High Falls, Stair falls
  • Experience in Rally Cross and
  • Fabrication of National Championship
  • Motorbikes – Track and Onset
  • Red Belt Ming Chuan / Iron
  • Commercial Diver (HSE)
  • PADI Dive Master
  • Swimming
  • Full Body Burns, Fire Safety
  • Fight Performance
  • Sword Fighting
  • High Falls
  • Deadman
  • Body Burns
  • Sub Aqua – Water Safety
  • Acting
  • Car Rigging and Preparation
  • Stair Falls
  • Ratchets
  • Jerk Backs
  • Rigging
  • Motor Cycles
  • Precision Driving (Roll Overs, Car Flips, Knock Downs)
    Licenced Driver
  • HGV/ Trucks
  • Teleporter
  • Power Boat
  • Fork Truck
  • 360 Excavator
  • Pilot One Para-glider License