Stuntmen have been entertaining the world for many decades as they perform daredevil acts that put the crowd in awe. The life of a stuntman in a film set can be exciting at times but it’s not always glamorous. Their job is considered physically and mentally demanding. From a simple fall to a full body burn, car crash or high fall, stunt performers plan and perform the dangerous parts in any production. Have you ever wondered how it is to be a stuntman?

Skills required

Because the work involves many difficult tasks, stuntmen need unusual skill sets to be qualified for the job. Stuntmen should have a high level of training in a number of physical disciplines such as rock climbing, sky diving, scuba diving and martial arts. Additional experience in high-performance driving, horseback riding or firearm use will also come in handy.

To be able to master these skills, some stunt schools offer intensive courses for those who are interested to enter this kind of job. Besides taking specialised classes, a never-ending training regime is also recommended to continuously work on their relevant skill sets. This is to ensure that the stuntman would be able to perform physical stunts safely and effectively.

Maintaining good physique

To maintain their physical form, stuntmen must work out, eat correctly and have a fair amount of mental aptitude. It is important for stunt performers to take the necessary time to rest and heal from physical wear and tear, injury and exhaustion. Stunt people are responsible for more than their own safety, so showing up to set in an unfit condition creates a potential for harming others.

Having the right attitude

Aside from the physical skills required, there are also several attributes a stuntman should possess. To make a dangerous situation as safe as possible, a safety-conscious attitude is needed. Being enthusiastic and hardworking is also important. Most importantly, stuntmen should know how to follow instructions closely.

Working conditions

Being a stuntman is a very dangerous job which is why the qualifications are so high. A shoot often takes place in uncertain weather conditions and in uncomfortable scenarios such as being submerged in water or a fight scene on an icy mountain. In addition, there are no fixed working dates for them and their working hours are long. This is usually to conform to a production schedule designed to minimise project expenditure.

Moreover, a range of equipment is utilised to make stunts look as visually exciting and realistic as possible. To keep the stunt performers safe, crash mats, pads and fireproof suits are provided. Ropes, air ramps and pulleys are used to send the stunt performers flying through the air to mimic the effects of explosions.


The rate paid for a stuntman can vary widely based on their experience and the specific stunt they’ll be performing on a given film. It depends usually on the risk and difficulty of the stunt, thus a full body burn or rolling car crash pays considerably more than a simple trip and fall.

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