Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) allows film makers virtually endless possibilities regarding stunts and special effects. Years ago, while still in its infancy and comparatively unsophisticated, CGI was very noticeable on screen. However, today’s advanced CGI technology provides excellent results which ensure that movie directors now have very viable options.

With regard to stunts, several factors influence the choice between the use of live-action, CGI or a combination of both. Safety on set is a main priority and this is where CGI comes into its own. If a stunt involves heights, for instance, CGI can be used to create a 3D digital location, completely eliminating risk.

It’s always more exciting to see the actors face up close during a dangerous sequence, so audiences are kept engaged knowing it’s really them. But insurance companies do not usually allow actors to perform high risk stunts. Directors and Stunt Coordinators can now work around this by employing a stunt double to capture the shot and then use CGI ‘face replacement’ in post.

Explosions on film sets are usually done on a small-scale and then post-edited using CGI to appear larger, more intense and amidst or as close to the stunt performers/actors as is deemed necessary.

This combining of CGI technology and actual stunt performers makes a scene more immersive. The stunt performers are on a green screen or blue screen set while doing the actual stunts. The backgrounds and effects are then added later in post- production. Marvel superhero movies such as Ant-Man and the Wasp use a mixture of stunt performers and CGI to capture the best of both worlds in order to make a scene engaging and action-packed.

CGI technology, however, cannot yet replicate all human movement. Even with fully CGI characters, film makers usually need to record live action stunt performances in order to use motion capture (“mo-cap” for short), so that they have the right feel.
For this specific reason, many of today’s biggest, most ambitious, and critically acclaimed films and series, such as Game of Thrones and Vikings, still use stunt performers to achieve their most memorable shots. By working side-by-side, CGI and stunt performers can be effectively utilised to get the desired result.

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